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Culture & Arts

Winston Benons Jr - Founder and Executive Director

tRúe EDUCATION creates and develops units, lessons, workshops and long form residencies that have an Afro-diasporic focus.  We use the arts (both performative and fine) as our entry point to be able to teach and discuss historical, sociocultural, linguistic and political themes.


Our approach to education is an inclusive one where the history of the African diaspora is taught as part of the larger global history.  

Active Learning Workshops

tRúe EDUCATION develops and facilitates pre performance active learning workshops where participants (adults & youth) learn more about plays, musicals, ballet and musical performances as part of their entertainment experience. These workshops are especially great for engaging audiences and exposing them to the inner workings of creating performance work.   


Enjoyed by both the artisan and the novice supporter of the arts.  

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